Resize event and new column width


I want to intercept the resize event for a column (when a user changes the column width) and get the new width value.
(to keep the new width with a refresh)
Is it possible to do it ?

It seems it's possible to get the new width value with the stylesheet as follow:
var ss = document.styleSheets[document.styleSheets.length-1];

But i don't know how intercept the resize event.

Thanks a lot
JN Jobin
July 1,
I want to set the data in particular column of the Excel sheet.while clicking an button in an .asp file an excel sheet should be generated and data shold be displayed in particular column.
My question is how to set that data in that column?

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Data display in particular column of Excel sheet
July 8,

regarding the resize event, I had to change the original code in the file controls/grid.js line 196 in an older version (or the runtime/activeui.js) and to fire an additional event with code something like this:

var customEventObj = new Function();
customEventObj.index = header.getItemProperty("index");
customEventObj.width = width;
grid.action("onColumnResize", customEventObj)

This way you can then attach your code outside the grid component on this custom event and do what you want.

Of course this is not an elegant solution to change the original code from Alex. I would appreciate if Alex could fire this event without my modification to his code.

Or maybe I should read some more postings, perhaps is this issue already solved...

July 15,

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