row xpath issue

I have a strange issue relating to the row xpath of my subclass of AW.XML.Table. The issue seems to crop up in some situations an not others. Unfortunately I haven't got the code to hand, so I can't include it verbatim, but hopefully I can convey the essence:

In the constructor for MyTable (the AW.XML.Table subclass), I call setRows(rowXpath). I also reassign MyTable.response to a method which customises the reponse. The class behaves precisely as I expect in some contexts.

In another context, the class behaves as if the row xpath setting is ignored. Strangely when I comment out the reassignent of MyTable.response, leaving it referring to the default response, the row xpath setting is respected (but I lose my needed custom functionality).

I'm not sure if anyone else has come across something similar?

I need to know what the source of this (mis)behaviour is so I can remedy it.

July 5,

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