large grid on large display disturbs with scrolling or mousewheel

I'm still using the commercial 1.0 version.

When I have a grid of some 100 rows with 10 columns on a 1280x1024 (with a grid area of 1280x900) some rows scramble after scrolling with the scrollbar or mousewheel. Scrolling with the up/down arrows goes OK.
When I resize the display to 1024x768 (and resize the grid area) there is no disturb.
I use IE7beta2 but saw the same on IE6.

When I position the cursor above the incorrect rows the rows re-appear correct. Also a (small) windowresize 'refreshes' the rows.

I have a (temporary?) solution: Just a 'auto' dummy-resize is sufficient: I appended
"var f=tabBlad.getStyle('height');f=f.replace('px','');tabBlad.setStyle('height',f-1+'px');tabBlad.setStyle('height',f+'px');"
after the scrollbars.getEvent("onscroll").

Is this a known problem? Is it a 1.0-only problem? Is there a better solution?
Eric Aarts (Holland)
June 8,
I had some strange problem with AW 2.0 which looks similar to your description. I found that it is somehow related to the number of visible rows. If you reduce row height so you could see the same number of rows on 1024x768 as previously on 1280x1024 do you have the broken image as well?

Anyway, that one misteriously disappeared after adding some voodoo 'filter:none' CSS rule to the grid control (actually to all AW controls). I know that this rule doesn't make sense but it worked with AW 2.0.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
June 9,

Yes: I have the broken image al well in 1024x768 after reducing the row height. So yes: the number of visible rows is the trigger.

In a <style> block I added '.active-scroll-left .active-templates-item, .active-scroll-data .active-templates-row {filter:none;}"' and in my app the problem disappeared too! I added the 'filter:none' CSS rule for the rows because I'm using filters for the columnheaders.

Though misterious, your voodoo solutions is better then my dummy resizing.


ByTheWay: Great product! Bad documented, difficult to learn but good for self-exploring and - most important - excellent for all kind of grid-implementations.
Eric Aarts (Holland)
June 10,

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