onItemTextChanged does not fire

I have a drop-down in a grid cell. It works as in I can select
items etc. The onItemTextChanged does not seem to
fire so I cannot make decisions based on the tiem selected.

Any ideas?

Jack Mansons
June 7,
onItemTextChanged should fire when the text of the individual item in the list changes. You are probably looking for onSelectedItemsChanged event.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
June 8,
Sorry Sir Alex, it does not seem to fire: Here is my code
/* ***/

grid.setCellTemplate(new AW.Templates.Combo, col, row);

var list = new AW.UI.List;


I'd like to be able to attach and process the onItemTextChanged event.

I have already tried:

grid.onItemTextChanged = function (...) {alert ('abc'); }

but it does not work.
jack mansons
June 8,
Any ideas, anyone?
jack mansons
June 12,
Sorry, I still don't understand why you need onItemTextChanged event. No, it does not fire in this example and it should not. It will only fire if you make individual list items editable or change them with setItemText() method.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
June 12,
Thanks Alex... I should be using onSelectedItemsChanged!
Many thanks, again.
jack mansons
June 12,

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