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I am in the process of deciding which grid control to go with for my client, a very large company with lots of users. I have not dug too deeply yet, but the dhtmlxGrid from SCBR http://scbr.com/docs/products/dhtmlxGrid/index.shtml seems to be less quirky then the ActiveWidgets grid. I am interested getting opinions on the pros and cons of selecting one control versus the other. I don’t need the opera and safari support, that ActiveWidgets provides, just a very stable highly functional grid control that uses AJAX to post changes back to a server.

May 11,
That is a very nice grid. To me it would be a matter of preference. AW is quite a bit more money than that product. But you don't get all the other controls. If all you need is a grid, that other looks rather nice for the price.
May 11,
we have been using the AW grid for almost 4 months , so we have already invested our development time and we are going pre-prod soon. We have just received our license today and i am expecting that it is better and has fixed some issues from the trial software released in Feb.

We did purchase the tree from dhtml as we needed extensive API with drag and drop, during which time our developers kind of liked the dhtmlGrid too but it was too late. So we are sticking to Grid/Tab from the AW and just the tree from dhtml..

So far from our testers, we are receiveing complaints that the navigation is not smooth and they have to get used to the grid. Obviously they compare with excel spread sheet. Our development team is working on it but some default navigational behaviour.. like double click on cell to edit is something that not every one likes..

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Raj Kamineni
May 11,
We looked into the dhtmlxGrid for our company. We found out that it didn't handle large data sets very well so we would have had to use pagination, which we didn't want to do, so we went with ActiveWidgets.
Jack Yo
May 11,

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