Tree Control and XML

Is the setItemText, setViewCount, setViewIndices the only way of binding data to ab AW.XML.Tree?

Is there any simple way of binding XML to a tree control similar to what can be code with a grid via AW.XML.Table?


May 9,
Parsing XML using PHP and populate value in Combo control
May 10,
Thanks for your input, but I need to parse the XML on the client (browser side) and not the server side. For a variety of reasons, I am receiving the XML in the browser as raw XML via a Web services call actually.

Also, not that it changes the answer much, but in this case I need to put the data in a tree control and not a combo control.

Any other ideas? The AW.XML.Table/setCellModel mechanism really simplified the binding of XML to a grid. Does it work for the tree control?

It appears that setCellModel is a valid method call on a tree, but I couldn't find any examples of how to use it for a tree, or figure out what types of objects it takes when using it for a tree?

May 10,

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