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Is there an easy way to load in my own XML structure to use with the grid? The AW XML and my XML are vastly different and I am pretty much stuck to using my schema. If there isn't an easy way to do that anyone have any ideas on how I can change my XML to fit the AW XML on the fly?
Joe C
May 3,
The AW.XML.Table class is quite flexible regarding XML file structure. Using XPath you can specify -

tb.setTable("tableXPath"); // path to table element (rows parent)
tb.setRows("rowsXPath"); // path to rows (from table element)
tb.setColumns(["col1", "col2", ..]); //path to each column/cell (from row)

By default all three values are '*'.

You can also use namespaces if necessary - see xml - dataset.htm and xml - array of records.htm files in /examples/old folder.

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
May 3,

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