Is there a plan fro having tabbed pagination in the grid

The need is for having a grid with a tabbed option, so that the data can be displayed in the same grid. Out of the 100 rows added to the Grid, i want the Row 1 to 10 to appear in Tab1, 11 to 20 in Tab2 and so on...

Any feedback will be appreciated. If anybody has done any such thing with ActiveWidget2.0
April 27,
Actually, It wouldn't be to hard to construct. I could probably put a demo together for you within a few days if you want me to.

Basically, I'm using the TABS to change datasets for the grid. Clicking on a different tab loads in different XML datasets.

In theory, what I'd do to accomplish your goal is:

Define the TAB component
Read in the dataset.
Take the number of rows in the dataset, divide by 10.
Take that number and setup the TAB component.
(notice, as of yet, I'm not setting the dataset to the GRID)
Then, Setup the grid to display rows 1-10.
(done by using something like setRowIndices 1-10)
Then, onClick of the TAB component, read which tab is clicked:
setRowIndices Tab to Tab+10 (not quiet like this)
this will display just those rows in the grid.
refresh the grid (might be necessary).

It wouldn't be that difficult. Let me know.
April 29,

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