Retrieve the data in to Excel from Grid table

Hi frends plz help me

I want retrieveing the data from grid table to Excel.Iam using Vesion 2.0.
April 24,
We require the same functionality as siva has required
Vikramaditya Garg
April 25,
If atleast we can get the client data as XML we can do of our own..using the MSXML2.0 document ActiveXControl.
Can we get the full xml data that includes the changes the client has made on the grid ?

Please help me.
Vikramaditya Garg
May 2,
I have something similar - but it is still in development (notes to follow).

I display a GRID based on XML data. There are icons just above the GRID that might be of interest - PRINT icon and an EXCEL icon.

Both EXPORT the current data shown in the GRID. The PRINT opens a new browser window that lays out the grid data so it can be printed. The EXCEL functions reads the grid, opens EXCEL and populates the spreadsheet - based also on the current data in the grid.

Here is the catch. The PRINT works great for our needs. You'd have to modify it for your own needs. The EXCEL actually uses the ActiveXControl. Right now, I'm still working on it. But it is functional.
For the sake of example, I included EVERYTHING in the page source. So, you can find the functions, copy the code, and modify it to fit your needs.
I'm also using the AW TAB control - it loads in different XML datasets into the grid. We use to have about 42 individual pages - with AW, I've been able to reduce that to 2 pages. NICE.

The link is:

Keep in mind, it does need work. It doesn't work well with Firefox yet - and forget about IE 7.0 beta. But, it is a start. Take any pieces of it you might find useful.
May 3,
Try taking a look into SpreadsheetML. You could create an XSL and transform the grid XML in to an Excel workbook using SpreadsheetML.
Doing this on the client side would probably only work for IE, unless there's a javascript XSLT library available that will work with FF. So I'd do it on the server side as ASP, JSP and PHP can all do XSLT transforms.
It would basically work like this:
The user initiates the Excel export.
You pull the XML from the grid and post it to a servlet.
The servlet loads an XSL and transforms the XML into SpreadsheetML.
The servlet then sets the content type to Excel and returns the SpreadsheetML.

Piece of cake.

Here's a sample of SpreadsheetML:

May 9,

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