Accessing local CSV files from a webpage?

IE 6.0 AW 2.0 and IIS.

Executed the following webpage:

var table = new AW.CSV.Table;

It runs fine if the webpage url is a file, like c:\inetput\wwwroot\aw\test.htm

On the other hand if the webpage is executed as http:\\localhost\aw\test.htm then the request fails.

Can anyone shed a light on what's happening here? Security settings probably but which ones?

Karl Thoroddsen
April 6,
It seems the rule is this (and for logical reasons):

If accessing the webpage through the webserver, i.e. with http, then you can only read files(XML/CSV) located in the web server's directory and below.

As we run the examples usually locally, i.e. not through the web server, then we can read everything.

Which means unfortunately, unless someone corrects me, that if a user wants to read a local data file he will have to place it on the web server.
Karl Thoroddsen
April 6,
first thing is imust not be http:\\..\\
it must be http://..//

other slash

second thing is u must set all five permissions : R,WE,S& something

thirdtry with port no, say http://localhost:8080/aw/test.html

fourth always give extension as .html not .htm
Ravi SAntlani
April 6,
Yes the problem though remains that if a user wants to load a CSV file on his c: drive into the grid then we are stuck.

The webpage cannot access it.
Karl Thoroddsen
April 6,
Web server can only access to its virtual directories.
Your server program need copy the file to one of them
It should be aware of virtual directories' physical locations
Thierry Nivelet
April 6,
Karl Thoroddsen
April 6,

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