cell (not header) text wrapping in version 2

So I have dug through alot of posts on this topic (cell text wrapping). I tried what was suggested in here:


But that doesn't work on FF, and doesn't do the correct thing on IE (i.e. the text still doesn't wrap, and the columns do not auto grow in height.

Is there *any* way to make cell text wrap in version 2?
March 17,
In AW 2.0 there is a CSS class (.aw-text-wrap) which will wrap text in cells and this class should be applied to the cell parent element (row) -

obj.getRowTemplate().setClass("text", "wrap");

To wrap text in headers use -

obj.getHeadersTemplate().setClass("text", "wrap");

Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 17,
Again, Thanks Alex! That worked!!
March 17,

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