List control doesn't have keyboard functionality

I am trying to use the aw.ui.list control in my aw.ui.grid. It works great but I need the ability for the user to select items in the list based on typing the first letter of the items in the list. An example on this web page is the Version drop down. If I place focus on the drop-down and hit "v" it takes me to Version 1.0 and if I hit "v" again it takes me to Version 2.0. This is common functionality with most drop-down controls that users tend to expect. Has anyone else implemented a solution they could share or point me in the right direction?
March 9,
I actually meant the combo control instead of the list control if this helps???
March 10,
hi john
i m also facing the same problem any solution u found out yet.
Saurabh Gandhi
September 4,

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