Grid don't react proberly on resizing of iframe.

I have my grid in an iframe within a table. When i resize my iframe the grid starts acting weird.

* When using downarrow the window dont scroll then scrolling further down than the bottom line.

* When resizing Columns the scrollbars is getting very compact, so compact that you cannot scroll with them. Only clicking arrow uo/down on them.

* Grid dont 'refresh' proberly in virtual mode. Only have the grid are filled until you make a few uparrows, downarrows.
March 7,
Is the grid inside a DIV in the IFrame? If not, put it in a DIV and see if you get better results.
Jim Hunter (www.FriendsOfAW.com)
March 7,
I taggen the entire htmlpage CircuitList.asp (My Grid) in a div tab.


But it didnt work! Same problems.
March 8,
Version 1 worked perfektly with this! But was to slow with 3000 rows.
March 8,
Oh... my mistake....

it was:


It worked!!!

Thank you very much!!!
March 8,

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