Bug in Grid onRowCtrlClicked action

I've noted in the grid/action.js file there is an action onRowCtrlClicked which toggles the selected row.

Having tested it on a small simple drid - it does not appear to work.

I was in fact attempting to apply a patch to allow multiple row selection in a grid - as described earlier on in the forum by Helen Williamson, but this too does not work.

There seems to be as issue with the handling of the event in the function f(action, column, row) method of grid/_actions.js

Strangley enough adding the following to my grid definition:

gridObject.onControlClicked = function(event){ window.status = "Control clicked"};

results in the window status displaying the message - even when I have not pressed the CTRL key.

Is this bug correctly identified - or am I missing something that I should be doing to make these actions work ?
March 2,
It seems that there is some naming confusion - onRowCtrlClicked refers to mouse click while CTRL key is down, but onControlClicked refers to grid Control as a whole (as opposed to row or cell) and without pressing CTRL key.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
March 2,
Thanks for the clarification Alex. OK - so adding my gridObject.onControlClicked was pretty stupid.

That still leaves me withthe original issue - that the actions handlers for onRowCtrlClicked don't seem to work. (and the multi-row select provided by Helen).

I'm about to dive into the event handler AW code ( gulp) so any hints/pointers would be appreciated as I try and determine the cause of the problem.
March 2,
Hi Yasdnil,

In answer to your post on the other thread, the solution I described does definately still work in V2.0 standard. Sorry, but I can't quite remember the steps I described to get the ctrl click row selection to work and I can't find the original post. Do you have a link to it?

Thanks, Helen
Helen Williamson
March 2,

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