Programmatically showing a selected tree node

Please advise on porgramatically showing a selected tree node.

tree1.setItemSelected(function(i){return true;});

This should work if we replace the function body will something that dynamcially sets the selected node. However, all tree nodes are shown as selected.

February 24,
I think the method you are looking for is setSelectedItems([]). With this method it is expecting an array of integers representing the items to mark as selected. I have not tried to select one via Javascript but that is the 'standard' way to select items in AW 2.0.
Jim Hunter (www.FriendsOfAW.com)
February 27,
Thanks - that works.

However, we are find the tree control "buggy" with the AW 2.0 release. Selecting items in a deeply nested tree has unexpected results in the rest of the tree - such as nodes unexpectedly shifting "down" leaving a "gap" in the tree.

Please advise any expected bug fix releases for the Tree control - thank you.
February 28,
The tree model will only currently support a maximum of 6 iterations in depth - and the one iteration is the parent node.

This leaves you with a maximum of 5 level in depth - after that the redendering of things correctly will not happen.

February 28,
You can edit the CSS file and add more levels if you need them, it's quite simple. There is another thread about this elsewhere. This may be your issue.
Jim Hunter (www.FriendsOfAW.com)
March 1,

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