Defining clicking structure

I'm having a bit of a time with this - any help is appreciated.

I want to click ONLY on the row header to select (highlight) a row, and I need to be able to select multiple rows.
Clicking on cells should respond to clicks, double-clicks and right-clicks, but not affect row selection(s) (and should also allow in-grid editing and respond to hyperlinks), and should not result in a selected cell.
Row headers should respond to right-click.

I'm not quite sure how to set up this framework, since single-cell mode causes cells to be selected, single- or multi-row mode causes rows to be selected (no matter where I click). Any ideas?
February 21,
Why are all my posts being ignored?
February 23,
Hi Kwooda ... I ignored this post because I didn't know the answer (nothing personal). I know it is frustrating to post a well written question and not even getting a comment.

Anyway, maybe ... you could work in single-cell mode and you could fake the highlighted rows by keeping up with them yourself. When a row is selected you could set the background style to the selected color. Also, your cell selected color would be the same so it wouldn't look out of place but would still allow the cell editing. Then when a row is unselected you would have to restore the previous background color for the row.

P.S. - I'm new to CSS so I don't know if there is an easy CSS solution.
Rob Francis
February 24,

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