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I used...


...to color an individual column, but is there a way to color an individual cell? I've replaced 'Column' with 'Row' and it colored the entire grid, and I replaced it with 'Cell' but that never even worked.

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February 10,
Oops, this is supposed to be in version 1 category :P
February 10,
I found a solution: (mainly from metacove's code in a recent post).
My XML file had the hex number in it, so I used indexOf() and substring to get the color value.
(ie: <time1>#1221FFDIR. SP.&lt;br&gt;Temp.</time1> would colour the cell #1221FF)

Then I used:

var cellColours = function() {
var cellContent = this.getItemProperty("text");
position = cellContent.indexOf('#');
if(position==-1) return "white";
var colour=cellContent.substring(position,7);
return colour;

for(i=0;i<obj.getColumnCount(); i++)
February 10,

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