is possible put a select in one row and when sort colls not lost the value?

I have some rows in my grid like it:

["Name", "Company", "165165", "Status", "<select name=company style=width:110px class=list><option>-----------------</option><option>Option 1</option><option>Option 2</option><option>Option 3</option><option>Option 4</option></select>"],

Work great (i use the basic example of activewidgets) but when i select some options in the select inputs when i sort the coluns it lost the value of selects! what i need make to fix it?

Other question is: i need set the type of cols to grid work? examploe: col1=number, col2=string, col3=casesensitive, etc?

And the last question: what i need make to block some coluns of my grid to not use the order (sort) function and resize function? is possible?

please? somebody can post 1 little example to me?


February 10,

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