Cell versus Row

I have a grid with a Find function and when there is a match, I set the color of the cell to be red (from white). I also have a reset function that is suppose to make the cell white again. I originally thought that I could reset the grid color by using the row property and setting the color to white but it doesn't work. I assume because the row property will not override the cell property. I currently have it working by nesting two loops (cell, row) and I set each cell to white. I think this is a bug, should row property work or not?
February 9,
It's probably a matter of CSS hierarchy. It is my guess that the color property is first getting assigned at the grid level, then the row or column (I am not sure which comes first) then the cell. So, if there is a setting assigned for a cell, it would trump any other settings up the ladder. If it weren't in this order then you could not have color settings for each cell, the other values would override them.
Jim Hunter (www.FriendsOfAW.com)
February 9,

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