Scrolling and editing a cell

I've looked around a bit and I'm not exactly sure if it is my code or the grid, here is my situation:

I am using the AW.XML.TABLE in the grid. I can edit, add a new row, etc. all is working. Great.

My grid has a vertical scrollbar because of space limitations. I can edit a cell when the scrollbar is at the top fine. If I scroll down and then edit a cell, in FF (1.5) the scrollbar jumps to the top and I can no longer see the cell I was editing. All is working fine in IE.

Anybody have any thoughts?
Dina Misener
February 8,
What version are you using?

I can't find the thread now, but Alex said this last week, which I believe included 2.0RC1....

So far add/delete row and cell editing works only with JS array. CSV/XML models are read-only.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
Thursday, February 2, 2006
G. Cayman
February 8,
I am using RC1 and I do remember reading that thread. However, I am not having a problem with cell editing and adding/deleting a row. It is really just the scrollbar issue on FireFox only. It just seems "quirky" to me.

So, I didn't think that posting applied to my particular issue. Was this the thread you were referring to because it was talking about beta 3:

Dina Misener
February 8,

I cannot reproduce this problem. Maybe it is related to something else on your page. Could you check if you see the same issue on a clean page?
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 8,

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