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i noticed the new license and the ongoing discussion.
However, is there any trial source code available?

I'd like to try the V2.0 version to see if it can be integrated easily into a rather complex commercial framework.

Kind regards

February 8,
No, there is no free trial version. You have to purchase the license to get access to the code.
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 8,
with no trial no one who has never seen the product will ever buy it. 395 for a grid that doesn't even work on all the major browsers is a joke.
February 8,
I agree I initially started using this because I could "test" it first. Without being able to test it before I make an opinion I'd be hesitent to suggest it to my manager as a solution within our product.
February 8,
The code has been available for months now. Just recently since the final version 2 is it not downloadable. Not sure what happened to the GPL version 1 though. Did it disappear completely?
February 8,
I not make download of beta 2.0 ! and not try it! how i can know if it is really easy to use and implement? I agree with jacko ! pay U$ 395 to get a source code of one product that i cannot test! is impossible!
February 13,
The problem is he would have to ship the source unless he codes in stuff to break the components if it's been delivered to somthing other than localhost

But still that can be worked around
February 15,

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