grid: is there no onChange event?

I want to catch an event that occurs when I edit a grid cell, and i want to be able to set the event handler at the grid level:

grid.onChange = function(event) { alert("changed"); };

I don't care about what type of template backs the cell (Input, Combo, etc). There used to be an "update" event that occurred in 2b2, but it has since been removed. Does anyone know of any correspding event? Is there a way to cause one to be raised, without modifying the AW source?

(side note: there also used to be an "update" event for the Input control, but that was also removed. i have, however, been able to simulate this using the "onControlDeactivated" event, but this feels like a hack. this will not work for the grid.)
February 3,
This was posted by Alex a couple of days ago:

onCellValidated(text, col, row)

- this one fires when the user pressed 'enter' key or leaves the cell.

Look at /examples/new/editing.htm for more details.

Jim Hunter (www.FriendsOfAW.com)
February 4,
You can also use onCellTextChanged(text, col, row) to track editing (i.e. text after each keystroke).
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
February 6,

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