v2 Always show scrollbars?

I have a grid that's width is set to 100%.
It's working almost perfectly except for 1 thing.... if the inital load is wide enough, the grid does not show a horizontal scrollbar: fine. However, if i resize the window so that it needs a scrollbar, it doesn't appear. I can make it appear if i resize a column, but I would like it to appear by itself.

It doesn't even need to be that difficult.... is there a way I can tell it to ALWAYS show a horizontal scroll (disabled or not)???


- Jonathan
Jonathan Doklovic
February 2,
I believe you need to call an

February 2,
I ran across this sort of problem myself and was able to get around it by calling refresh after loading the data (I was loading the data after the grid was created). Without calling refresh, the data showed up so I was 'assuming' everything was fine, but I wasn't getting a scrollbar. Once I called refresh, the scrollbars showed up and everything 'is' fine.
Jim Hunter (www.FriendsOfAW.com)
February 3,
i'm using an array for my data.
i've tried using an obj.refresh after it loads, but that doesn't help.
I would like to just force it to show the bottom scrollbar all the time as i think my only option is to add an obj.refresh to the window resize event which seems a bit like overkill.
Jonathan Doklovic
February 6,

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