Divider row within table

I have a table that requires a seperator row within the table- spanning across all of the columns and containing a label (like- 2nd group)- is there a way to do this? and if so- is it possible to skip this row in the numbering? Thanks! and great code!
May 10,
I have the same problem too. Can anyone give some directions?
March 14,
this function adds a row before rows var addSpace[6 and 12]
and add the text subCaption = ["traraa", ...];
this function must be called after each refresh();
(ask Alex for that, i don't know how)

// gridasGridObj is a pointer to the grid Object
var addSpace = [6, 12];
var subCaption = ["traraa", "tureloo","düdeldei","ham","egg"];

function addSpacer(){ // this function onload
    var id = gridasGridObj.getId();
    for(var i=0; i<addSpace.length; i++){
        var ptr= document.getElementById(id+".left.item:"+addSpace[i]);
        var iX = document.createElement("DIV");
        iX.style.height = ptr.offsetHeight;
        ptr.parentNode.insertBefore(iX, ptr); // add space at the rowIndex
        var ptr= document.getElementById(id+".data.item:"+addSpace[i]);
        var newRow = ptr.parentNode.insertBefore( ptr.cloneNode(true), ptr); //copy the row below - dont't try to clone the  titlerow!!!
        for(var i=0; i<subCaption.length; i++){
            newRow.childNodes[i].innerHTML = subCaption[i];
            newRow.childNodes[i].className = newRow.childNodes[i].className + " holly";
Andres Obrero [Winterthur]
March 15,

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