grid intermediate flash of data on load

Is there any way to eliminate the intermediate flash of data in the grid when data is being loaded and rendered?

The "intermediate flash of data" is every other row blank, and data from columns overwriting each other in the area of the first column of the grid. When in virtual mode, it is a quick flash. When not in virtual mode with a few hundred rows of data, the grid stays in this intermediate mode for several seconds.

Jim D.
February 1,
I have not tried this with 2.0 but it worked with 1.0. When I initially create the grid, I set the number of rows to 10 (that is about how many show on my grids due to the size of the grid). Then I call a function to change the row count to the correct amount after the grid is rendered (using the window.setTimeout(500) function). With 1.0 it made the grid render very fast and overall improved the entire page performance. Try it with 2.0 to see if it works.
So for 2.0 with your scenario, I would initially set the grid to Virtual mode = off, set the number of rows to 10, assign the data and set the column headers etc. Then do the window.setTimeout("adjustGrid();", 500) and in the adjustGrid function change the number of rows to the correct amount and then do a grid refresh. Give it a try and let us know how it works.
Jim Hunter
February 1,

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