Is It A Bug?

what else could I say for such a brilliant stuff? LOL

anytime i put the print script block into some container tag (td, div, etc.), and i set the width and height of this container to "100%", why i always get a partial view of the grids? i mean, it looks that the grids was bracketed by some IFRAME tag. is it a bug?

I am not a native English speaker, so, please forgive my worse english :(
November 28,
Not sure I understand what you mean - can you please send a screenshot to support|at|activewidgets.com ?
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
November 28,
1. When i put the object script like below..

var gridObj = new Active.Controls.Grid;

i can't resize the column size.
when i resize the column, the only head's size would be resized but rest of all didn't.

2. Opening the page, can i set the scroll bar in certain place as a default?

December 3,

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