2.0b4 edit example reliably crahes IE 6.0.2800

The editing.htm example in 2.0b4 is elegant and so beautiful.. I love it.

I noticed playing around just editing that every once in while IE will either hang or mostly crash (I believe this to be the current one..) (

I can ALSO make it reliably crash IE:
1.) Load and click on cell in top row.
see control activated
then Double click on that cell
see edit started .... etc.

Use slider to slide out of view
Then click once on any CELL so it's highlited.
Push browser reload --- C R A S H

This is not the only crash point, but at least that one is reliable!
Other times it just hangs on selection then a reload brings up the dreaded:
Microsoft Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
G. Cayman
January 31,
I was able to duplicate this by following the above scenaro. I have the same version of IE. It didn't make a difference if you started editing by douple clicking in the cell or by hitting ENTER, both caused the crash.
Jim Hunter
January 31,

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