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The ActiveWidgets js grid is a wonderful exercise done. it really helps in getting my work done very easily.

by the way, i have a small issue. using the asp example, i am generating the reports for my company. but always my query will return more than thirty rows at a time. in that case scroll bar appears. when i try to take a printout of the same, alas.. only the first thirty rows are returned.

print out is a very important requirement (obviously), can you help me out in this?

thanks in advance,
P. M. Lakshman Rao.
January 26,
Only a newbie, so excuse any ignorance.

If I was doing this in PHP, I would count the number of rows 1st to be put in the grid and change the grid height parameter to fit those rows.

This would prevent vertical scroll bars.

If this would make the page look bad, this could be run a print freindly popup.

Sorry could not provide a more technical solution
January 26,
There is another way to do it in CSS and there are a couple of threads that have talked about this in the past. I suggest doing a search on printing and see the examples that have been proposed. But in general, the only way to print a grid and show all of the rows is to set it's height so that all the rows are displayed. There is no other way around it.
Jim Hunter
January 26,

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