Change the content of a cell when it goes into edit mode


I want to change the content of a cell when it goes into edit mode. For example, the cell displays a formatted number. When it goes into edit mode, I would like to display the actual number for editing. I tried changing the value of 'text' in 'onCellEditStarted' event. It didn't work. Also I tried obj.setCellValue(...) in 'onCellSelectedChanged'. It didn't work. Please help.

Once it goes into edit mode, I am using e.srcElement.innerHTML to assign updated value to the cell through the keypress event and it works fine.

January 24,
Are you using a format applied to the column to display the formatted number? If so, I suggest removing the format from the edit template when you go to edit it. Or, instead of using the buit in editing, pop up an input box that you create on the fly that has the raw data, then onBlur move the changed data into the array and refresh the cell.
Jim Hunter
January 24,

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