Get XML data for make searh or sort and insert a row

I woul like to make a search on the grid like this: http://www.activewidgets.com/messages/797-2.htm but my data source is a XML.
Another question is how I can put a form under the grid to insert adiotional rows on the grid?
How can I do?
Thanks and happy gridding
May 5,
You can iterate the Nodes of the XML document and do a regular expression match. I am not exactly sure how to do the regular expression part, but I imagine it going something like this

// grid is rendered and responseXML is received
var stringToFind = ...;
var columnXPath = getXPathOfColumnToSearch();
var xmlDoc = activeTableXML.getXML();
var nodes = xmlDoc.selectNodes( columnXPath );
var matchingRows = new Array();
for(i=0;i<nodes.length;i++) {
   var s = nodes[i].text
   if (s.match(stringToFind)) {
      matchingRows.push( i ); 
doSomethingInterestingWithMatchingRows( matchingRows );

To add rows to the grid, you will have to manipulate the XML Document using the DOM API, and then refresh the grid.
May 6,
Thanks, I'll try.
May 6,

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