Clear Grid before reloading with new rows?

Hello, all.

I'm using XML AW.UI.Grid w/AJAX populated from DB records. I've setup some buttons to search or filter the Grid (which sends another db query and refreshes the grid with the new results). However, during this processing time, is it possible to clear the grid?

Even though I have a status message that shows "chart loading" on a search request, the previous results are still visible on the screen until the new data arrives. From a usability point of view, I think it would be less confusing to the user if I could "wipe the grid clean" and then display the new results. Because sometimes a search result may bring back very similiar data to what was previously there... and the user might get confused "did it do anything", etc.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
Sam S.
January 20,
Here is the function which clears the grid (except for the column headers) -

function clearGrid(){
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
January 20,
WOW! That was fast!

Thanks, Alex.
Sam S.
January 20,

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