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Sorry for so many questions at one time, but I need to get information this week. Thanks for your help.

We're evaluating this product for presentation to hundreds of customers and thousands of users, and the following is required.

We need to make a grid that presents rows of data as usual, but when the user clicks some control, the row still shows the row data, plus the row is expanded vertically and horizontally as necessary so it can show other data related to the row. There are actually several pieces of different "related data" to show in the row.

I think this will involve customizing the grid row and making custom components to show in the row somehow. It won't work to have the related data on top of (hiding) any other data.

Does anyone know how this can be done?

I've looked over the documentation to try to find answers to these other questions, but verification by a knowledgeable person would be very helpful.

When other controls like drop-downs are put in grid cells, and the be made not editable ?

Can an individual grid cell be specified to contain a custom control, editable and not editable?

Are there any mechanisms to get pieces of large data sets from the server into the grid as the user scrolls or pages? Some larger datasets are over 100k rows.

We want to load views on-demand on the client. In other words, if the client requests a view via the UI, load the view. If the view has already been loaded, just switch the user to that view without loading it from the server again. Can this be done?
January 17,
see http://www.telefonica.net/web2/webtress/awsamp/ for some of your questions
January 17,
You will find answers with examples of almost (if not all) everything you are asking int eh forums. Do searches on each topic and you will find the answers. I have seen posts that include demos of the expanding grid (it was in 1.0 but the technique to do it is basically the same for 2.0) and for paging data in and out and for disabling editing on single cells. It's all there, just take some time and do searches and you will find everything you need.
Jim Hunter
January 17,

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