Varying Number of Columns and Rows From MySQL values

I have been playing around with the php code for the grid, and I modified it so that it will display a number of rows/columns as defined by a variable from an included .php file. This works fine, and I also set if statements to prevent any errors that may be caused by variables setting the grid to more dimensions than there are entries in the database to display.

The problem comes when I attempt to modify my included file so that the variables that control the dimensions are defined by values which are stored in MySQL databases. My goal is to allow a user to specify how many columns and rows they would like to view, and these preferences will be stored in the database. Yet any configuration I've tried that involves modifying the dimensions of the grid via values pulled from MySQL leads to JavaScript errors when I try to run the site.

Any suggestions on how I might control dimensions from a value stored in the database?

January 12,
If possible Please Help me
how to drag listbox items within the same listbbox(to move up and down).using Javascript.

Thanks a lot.
January 13,

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