CTRL-clicking for select and deselect

Quick question. I'm in direct competition with another group to come up with a particular solution. I've used your grid and its working a dream. So far I'm way ahead but there's one item that the users love that the other group are providing. Thats the ability to select and deselect a row by mouse clicking and not via CTRL mouseclicking.
I know its a long shot but is it possible to implement this selection process on a grid. I would be willing to sacrifice the shift and cntrl keys as the users would prefer to select them all??

Any suggestions?

Thanks a mil
Brian R
April 30,
Also is it possible maybe to disable the shift mouseclicking functionality to allow only CNTL mouseclick selects???
Thanks Again
Brian R
April 30,
Seem to work...
obj.setSelectionProperty("multiple", true);
obj.setAction("selectRow", obj.getAction("selectMultipleRows"));
obj.setAction("selectRangeOfRows", null);
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
May 4,
That is superb....in your face other group
this grid is the business..
May 6,

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