Problem with Grid display on IE due to volume

I'm having an issue only in IE when displaying the grid initially. When the grid has finished drawing no data is displayed, just the yellow background. If I minimise and maximise the screen forcing a redraw then the data appears. This is very intermittent and may one in four times so on occasion its difficult to recreate. There is quite alot of data being drawn on the grid (40rowsX40cols) but this isnt a problem in Mozilla.

Any help would be appreciated as I need to pinpoint the issue sooner rather than later because telling the testers that they need to maximise and minimise each time to view the data is not an alternative.

Thanks a million for your help,
very cool grid by the way.......
Joe Clancy
April 30,
Hi Again,
another thing i've noticed but not sure if its related. In a previous post you had a piece of code to check performance etc. I ran this piece of code with the following results.
With IE when its incorrect - 25ms approx javascript string
- 30ms approx parsing (document.write)
- 51ms approx rendering

With IE when its correct - 25ms approx javascript string
- 30ms approx parsing (document.write)
- 150ms approx rendering

With Moz always works - 25ms approx javascript string
- 30ms approx parsing (document.write)
- 290ms approx rendering

I just noticed that the rendering is high when it works properly but when its low the grid cells dont display??
What could the reason be for this. I am accessing the exact same data each time.

thanks once more.
April 30,
Maybe this can help:
// as usual
// add this line just after document.write
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
May 4,

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