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Javascript Component Library - ActiveWidgets 2.6.

ActiveWidgets is a powerful javascript component library which makes web application development (especially AJAX-style apps) a lot easier and more productive. ActiveWidgets provides you with a set of common visual elements (like datagrid, tabs, tree, combo) sharing professional look-and-feel and simple programming model.

Our editable datagrid control can display fixed headers and footers, multiple fixed left and right columns, load data from XML, CSV or javascript code, have various selection and navigation models, be styled with standard CSS - basically, having more features than many of the .NET or Java grids and still be very fast handling hundreds of thousands of records (virtual rendering!) - and all of this just in standard HTML.

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The library also includes a set of standard form elements - tabs, tree, list, checked list, combo box, text box, button and others.

Here is one more example of what could be achieved with just a few lines of javascript code and ActiveWidgets library.

ActiveWidgets 2.6 works on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Google Chrome browsers.

Download Free Trial - ActiveWidgets 2.6.4