Grid into a complete application example!

Hi everyone,

In our open source modeling environment. A web application used to maintain data and SVG diagrams

- flowcharts,
- entity relationship diagrams
and function diagrams (deMarco technique classical system engineering).

In the web application application we present records (entities) thru out our application we use the grid to present the data.

Users can:

- relate data move records to a transfergrid on one page with options like select all, deselect selected rows
- selected rows can be moved by dragging (not self invented but integrated with our solution)
- search in the grid
- insert rows in the grid
- filter data per column of the grid filter input can be given just above the grid the filter, search add, print dialogues are accessible via
a contextmenu (right mouse click)
- for column having date fields we use the jscalendar technology integrated with the grid (Alex thanx for fixing the 'bug')
- making hotspots on a picture or images when the user clicked on two points a dialogue will pop up were the user can select were to go to

Many things, discussed in the forum are covered in our application. The contextmenu setup can be used in your own application.

The way pages are presented to the user is maintained thru a maintaninable meta model.

Our application is based on a database (MySql, Oracle, DB2, SQL server) and a J2EE application server.

The project site can be found at http://sourceforge.net/projects/open-modeling

A demo site can be visited at http://open-modeling.dyndns.org/openmodeling215b

If you want to edit data login at user model password om.

If people like this software drop us a line may be you can contribute.

Any feedback, good or bad is welcome.

John Ophof
July 22,

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