1st Column freeze for xml - simple.htm example, please

Hi! I can not seem to make the xml - simple.htm example freeze its 1st column. I've red some postings here but all of them deal with arrays of data and not xml.

Please let me know if you know how one can make the 1st column with numbers disappear and the second column (ticker) become frozen.

Many Thanks in Advance,

Mike Z...
April 5,
I'm intersted in the same, I dont want to see the row numbers.

all the xml samples have the row#. Can they be hidden?
David D.
April 6,
// turns off numbering
April 6,
Thank you, elsigh. The numbers are gone. What about the column freeze ? Is there a way to freeze the 1st column when using XML for data?

Many Thanks in Advance,

Mike Z...
April 7,

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