Paging in scroll or page change action ?

I am thinking about some litle thing. But I am not as experienced in DHTML as U Alex. My domain is programing of any web based SQL aplication. That is why I would like to use your great widget.

But as U know, trying to display lots of records in one time is bit problem.

But that way i came across some grat idea...

Seem to me, that sending array of about 40x3500 cells in JS Array does not make any problem. But what does is displaying of that much DIV elements.

Am I right ?

And what about havig about twice more rows (1st array), that you display, and just change posiotion of records (from 2nd array) in the manner of endless panorama picture... First out last in perhaps ? Dragged by scrolling ?

please i am waiting for your reply. Anyone involved should reply too..

December 5,

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