Grid.png calls

I did atrace on a page with several grids inside and notice that there are a lot of grid.png calls(file with arrows and separator images) , maybe one call for each column. It is 2k file-size , so low transmision volume, but in my case the trace gives about 60 grid.png calls.
Is it possible to reduce it ?
September 28,
Unfortunately this is IE6 caching bug. So far I don't know if it is possible to fix it completely. You may reduce the number of calls if you 'preload' grid.png before creating the grid object and configure your cache-control headers as described here:
Apache - http://dean.edwards.name/my/flicker.html
IIS - http://aspnetresources.com/blog/cache_control_extensions.aspx
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
October 4,

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