Can't scroll with keyboard on a Grid (1.0) in a Frame

I have placed an Active.Controls.Grid into a frame along with some other controls and I can't use the keyboard scroll keys to scroll the grid. The create function seems to call
' but I can't find a way to hook the frame body's onkeydown event to it. The grid doesn't seem to ever get the tab focus; while tabbing through the frames, first the entire frame is selected, then two input button controls that are in the form before the grid, then the next tab goes to the next frame.

If I use the mouse to click on the grid first, the keyboard scrolling works but that doesn't meet the criteria. Keyboard-only access to the program is a requirement for me so any help would be appreciated.
Bill Honaker
June 5,
You can enable tab stop with tabIndex attribute -

obj.setAttribute("tabIndex", "1");
    obj.setAttribute("hidefocus", "true");
Alex (ActiveWidgets)
June 5,
Thanks, Alex, it worked like a charm!
Bill Honaker
June 5,

It works like a charm if you only want to go up and down. I've looked long and hard for how to let the left and right arrow keys scroll the grid and nothing I've done works.

The app in question has a very simple 3-frame main window, In 2 of the frames, there is a single grid. The frames themselves are too narrow to show the content (and the user can use the frame sizing handles to change the size).

I have 2 problems that I can't seem to make work. The firs is that, while I can tab to the grid, and scroll up and down with the up and down keys and page up and page down, the right and left arrow keys have no effect.

The second problem is that when the frames containing the body which olds the grid are resized a bit smalle,r the up and down scroll bars disappear (thereby making it difficult to use the mouse, except that -- the good news -- the mouse wheel works).

Based on hours of looking at code and a few examples, I'm certain that this can be enabled with the correct style or by calling a function of the grid before I actually write it to the response object.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Bill Honaker
June 6,
Still no joy on left and right scrolling, nor on making sure scroll bars are always shown in a resized frame.

New problem is that if a grid is in an iframe, and big enough to show content without need of scrolling, when the cursor is over the grid the mouse wheel doesn't work (event doesn't get passed on to higher level if it doesnt' want to do any thing with it). Result is that user is scrolling the window with the wheel, until the grid comes under the wheel, then it stops.
Bill Honaker
June 9,

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